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How to Redirect a Domain to a Facebook Page

Redirecting a domain to a facebook pageTwice this week we’ve talked to customers who have a URL on their business card, but they don’t yet have a website. When customers go to the address – they get placeholder pages and nothing more. Neither has hired us to create their page – yet. So, in the meantime, our suggestion to each of those businesses was to direct their customers to a Facebook page, which is free.

Here’s how to redirect a domain to your Facebook page with a GoDaddy account:

  1. Create your Facebook page: (Make sure you make your page visible to everyone – not just people who ‘like’ it.)
  2. After you finish creating, log out of your account, then go back to your page, and copy the url, which will look something like this:!/pages/name-of-site-/227690568269096?ref=search

  3. Take off the http:// from one end, and the question mark and everything behind it from the other end, so you’ll end up like this:!/pages/name-of-site-/227690568269096
  4. Log into your godaddy account.
  5. In the left hand column, under “My Account” and “Domain Related” click on “Domain forwarding”.
  6. Click on the domain you want to forward. A popup window will appear. Leave the option at http://.
  7. Type in the Facebook URL that you’ve modified.
  8. Click ok.

And yes, we create those beautiful Facebook pages, too!